About ICMSE-2018

Facts and Figures about ICMSE-RAC 2018


The first international conference on Materials Science and Engineering has been organized by Egypt – Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) on 11-13 March 2018 in the premises of the University in Borg El Arab City , Alexandria ,Egypt with 250 participants including distinguished scientist from Japan , US , Europe and other countries, in addition to Egyptians universities and R&D centers. 246 papers have been presented including plenary lectures and keynote speeches . Publication of peer review papers in Key Engineering Journal is in progress . In the following are given some facts and figures about this event .


Item Received Actual
Keynote Lectures 14 14
Invited Talks 26 24
Oral Presentation 101 96
Poster Presentation 85 52
Total Number of Presentations 246 186
Acceptance Rate 70%


Item Registered Actual
Number of Foreign countries 11 11
Number of Foreigners 67 67
Number of Sponsors 11 11
Total Number of Participants 250 270


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